The Nazca lines in Peru have fascinated and delighted archaeologists and historians ever since they were rediscovered in the modern age.

The architecture and the society of ancient Peru are still largely a mystery to even the most diligent historians who have no idea how a pre historic society could have managed to have created such a phenomenally advanced society.

Some people have suggested that the technology accessed by the ancient Peruvian people could have been gifted to them by some kind of extra-terrestrial visitor.

Until now, this has only been a hypothesis, but now a paranormal journalist claims to have found the proof.

At a press conference last week, the Mexican paranormal journalist Jamie Maussan made the sensational announcement that he had discovered the remains of extraterrestrial beings very close to the famed Nazca lines. According to Maussan, these five bodies which had been mummified appeared to be closer in composition to reptiles than human beings at first observation.

After a series of scientific tests which included X-rays, DNA tests, and carbon 14 analysis, Maussan says that he is absolutely convinced that the bodies were of alien origin. One of the bodies, which is estimated to be 17000 years old, was revealed to the public last month.

It is said to be around 168cm tall and to have three long fingers and a very unusual elongated skull. “We confirmed with scientific evidence the existence of beings from another world, ” Maussan said, speaking to reporters from Russia Today.

“Before it was a possibility, now it is a reality, ” he added when speaking about the existence of aliens on Earth. Maussan says that he believes that the mummified burial of these alien beings suggests that these beings once coexisted peacefully along with the ancient people of Peru.

The fact that they were buried with respect and dignity suggests that they were not at odds with the people who lived in the region and that there was properly cooperation between the two species. However, not everyone is willing to take Maussan at face value.

He has been the subject of criticism in the past over his apparently dubious scientific methods. A representative from The World Congress on Mummy Studies has been particularly disparaging of Maussan and his methods saying that “Anything associated with Jaime Maussan, a serial promoter of fake alien evidence, is suspect, ” and that his work is nothing more than “an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation.”



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