Karl Donitz, German Navy Grand Admiral, in 1943 claimed to have built an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer in Shangri-La on land. The allegations of defeat of Nazis in 1945 is a false truth on the media controlled by Rothschild banking dynasty.
There are not any proof of Hitler’s dead body and the documents of surrender signed by any of the member of Nazi party. Due to this reason James Forrestal, Secretary of Defence, sent a naval task force of 4,700 military troops from U.S, Britain and Australia to Antarctica including Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Krusen and Admiral Byrd after the claims of unconditional victory by the Allies on December 2, 1946 named as Operation Highjump.
It is believed that the Germans have constructed an immense underground facility during and after Second World War to for researching free energy based propulsion technology. The troops sent were trying to find the location of the facility.
The testimonials of crew members along with the interview of Admiral Byrd revealed that the saucer shaped discs developed by Antarctic Nazis were far more advance than anything possessed by the U.S. This defeated the post WW2 allied military attack swiftly.
 The leaks of Top Secret maps obtained by the KGB and belonging to the Third Reich, on the internet claims passages built under the Antarctic ice have been used by German U-Boats to access underground polar caverns.
The people’s interest has increased due to the possibility of massive subterranean caverns in the earth and their accessibility through passage at the poles of having secret breakaway civilizations flourishing within them. The media considers it as just a taboo.
This idea of hollow or honeycombed interior in our planet is not new. This has been spoken in the past by some of oldest cultures consisting civilizations inside of vast cavern-cities within the earth. Some certain Buddhist and Hindu traditions still believes that there is a legendary underworld Agartha, secret tunnels connecting Tibet with the subterranean paradise. Shambhala is the Sanskrit name to this place of tranquillity as known in India. Mythologies throughout the world depicts the same. Many other occults, esoteric authors and secret societies concur with these myths of remnants of antediluvian civilization seeking refuge in these so called hollow caverns inside the earth.
There is always a question of survival in the underground for a human needs air to breathe, light to see and photosynthesis for plant life if we assume that these myths are true. Is there the availability of any sustenance sources that could a huge human civilization?
Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist has attempted to unlock these riddles of sustainability sources which are not concerned by most of the mainstream academia. Many ventures have been made to access the interior of earth including polar expeditions and battles such as Operation Highjump, but the truth is still just rumors and yet to be validated by scientific revelations.



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